He's the ship's captain, and there's a 92.6% chance he's in over his head.


Character Sheet

Age: 32
Race: African American
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 237 lbs.
Hair: Black, unkempt, mini-fro
Eyes: Dark brown
Misc.: Broad, bulky; obviously strong but not ripped. Right arm is a cybernetic prosthetic. No obvious tattoos or piercings. There is a scar on the right side of his face, across his cheek.
Favorite Food: Baked mac’n’cheese.
Celebrity look-alike: Idris Elba


Jackson’s life story sounds a lot like everyone else’s now and days. He used to work as a deck hand on a transport ship that frequented the Border planets. After the war, the Alliance cracked down hard on transport of goods outside the Core and Jackson was pretty much out of a job. He took what work he could find, which was often of the less than legal sort. On one of such jobs, his crew was ambushed by pirates. Jackson got away with his life, but not both of his arms.

With his primary job being manual labor and him now being short an arm, Jackson was screwed six ways to Sunday. So, he made a deal with a shady character to fund getting a prosthetic arm, a shady character whom he now owes a crap ton of money.

He thought about going back to being a deckhand, but it never pulled much profit. He did, however, know some folks who captained their own ship and they made the kind of money he needed hand over fist. He figured he could be a captain, all he needed was a cheap ship that could get him from A to B, and a half decent crew… how hard could it be?


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