The Pilot with a love for dogs and an addiction to Nix


Character Sheet

Age: 25

Race: Chinese

Height: 5’3"

Weight: 140lb

Hair: Black, dyed bleach blonde; short, left side undercut (kept naturally black) with side swept bangs

Misc: She has a large, red, Chinese dragon tattooed on her back. She calls him Mushu. She wants to get more tattoos. Doesn’t do piercings (too freaky). Left handed. Has grandmother’s heirloom ring on a chain she wears around her neck, tucked under her shirt.

Favorite Food: Won-Ton soup


Mulan Fa is a damn good pilot born and raised on Beaumonde. She keeps quiet about her past and don’t pry much about other’s either. If you’re good to her and Ein she’ll be good to you.


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