Imani Cheboi

Ex-Alliance Solider


Full legal name: Imani Cheboi
Age: 31
Ethnicity: African
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 195lbs
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Dark brown


Having been a solider for nearly half her life, Imani keeps herself fit. She’s tall and stocky with some overall muscle definition. She’s naturally a bit bottom-heavy, but what thickness she has on her hips and below are enhanced by pure strength. Aside from regular exercise, Imani doesn’t practice much in the way of personal grooming; she’s no make-up wearer, spends very little time prepping in the morning and keeps her hair both natural and short for the sake of ease. She often wears remnants of her time in the military, sticking to practical, well-fitted and comfortable pants, rolled-sleeve shirts and combat boots.

She has no piercings or tattoos that she speaks of or that can be easily seen.


Many words describe Imani: disciplined, quiet, shy, uncertain, serious, kind, loyal, among many others. On first glance, she may seem intimidatingly grim or focused, but those that take the time to speak to her quickly realize there’s plenty compassion and unease behind her rigid composure. It’s sometimes difficult (but not impossible) to get her to open up. She handles stress either spectacularly or horrifically (it really depends on the situation), is excellent at following orders and often does not enjoy making decisions. Some might say she’s simple minded or a bit unintelligent.


Owing to her generally reserved, shy personality, Imani doesn’t speak much about her past. What is known is that she used to be a solider of the Alliance military but is no more. When asked why shy left, she mentions there was “a conflict of interest” and that her. If she believed in the Alliance before, her stance on it now isn’t so clear cut and dried, — though she has occasionally mentioned her disappointment. She was also born and raised on Bellerophon, where the rest of her family still lives and works.

As combat is the only thing Imani claims to know or do well (with the exception of cooking and house keeping), she’s been selling her guns to various causes (never any particularly extremist ones) since the end of the Unification War six years ago.

Fun facts:

  • She has a weak spot for animals. Ein is no exception and is frequently spoiled by her.
  • Imani quite enjoys doing the cooking and housekeeping for the ships she’s hired onto. Since combat isn’t constant and she dislikes being useless, she’s happiest when busy.
  • Imani struggles with severe anxiety, sometimes in general and particularly regarding conflict. Ironically, she is least anxious when in combat.
  • She is rarely seen spending money on anything but the most practical purchases, and she doesn’t seem to have much on her that’s luxurious or sentimental.

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Imani Cheboi

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