Imani Secrets

Character Sheet

Imani was born and raised on Bellerophon. Her family (mother, father, paternal grandfather, widowed aunt and four siblings) is of poor working-class status. Money was often hard to come by when she was younger, even with all family members old enough to working as menial laborers. Though they could never afford luxury items or services, the family never went without food or shelter.

When Imani was old enough to start working, she did so; countless flubs and accidents, both on her part and the part of coworkers or employers, hacked at her self confidence and belief she could become a competent laborer. Around the time she was 16, news of war began to spread, and she decided to volunteer for Alliance military service, believing she could do a good job as a solider (and earn relatively good money for it in the meanwhile). Her family was extremely worried, both for her well-being and ability to succeed, but supported her decision to join anyway. The stories she heard about the Border planets and the Alliance’s hopeful plans for them helped to solidify her resolve: she thought, undoubtedly, she was doing good for the poor, stubborn people of the outer planets.

As it turned out, Imani grew into a competent solider. While she lacked the wits and base intelligence to go much further, she was promoted to Corporal during her service. She held onto the notion that she was doing overall good for the outlying planets throughout the war, but each moment of tragedy, each instance that the Alliance was doing more harm than good, chipped away at her belief she was helping. By the time the war drew to a close, Imani clung to her last hope that Alliance would do good on its promise to help the planets it had conquered.

When it became obvious that the Alliance was not so keen or able in providing the assistance it promised, Imani become thoroughly disenchanted with the Alliance and all that she’d done as a solider. She couldn’t bear to be part of the Alliance force anymore and left the military on good terms (she claimed, on departure, she needed time off after the war). Since she has no other significant skills, she’s hired herself off as a mercenary, though she will refuse any particularly violent job without good reason.

If possible, she tries to pick up jobs that help the living conditions of those on the outer planets; she feels indebted to them, wishing to do what she can to reconcile the bad she’d done during the war.

  • Imani feels regret for her time spent during the Unification War. She never personally had anything to do with the direct harm of outer planet denizens, but she can’t quite forgive herself for being naive enough to think things were okay.
  • Imani suffers from mild PTSD.
  • She keeps in contact with her family as often as possible, sending money and goods when she can.

Imani Secrets

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