Madame Joy

Mutually Beneficial Arrangement


Full legal name: ?
Nickname: Madame Joy
Age: 40’s?
Ethnicity: ?
Height: ? (Tall)
Weight: ? (Skinny)
Hair: Long and black
Eyes: ?


Spindly and tall, Madame Joy somewhat resembles a spider on a web- perhaps more in mannerisms than appearance. Long, dexterous fingers.


Insert here.



Located in a less-than-swanky but more-than ghetto area of Beaumonde, Madame Joy runs a “happy ends” health club/massage parlor that is likely very little more than a front of her real business. What her ‘real business’ is is not fully known, but it does require some unconventional, dangerous or illegal work to be done.

Character Relationships/Connections

  • Madame Joy is the group’s semi-benefactor. It was through a mutually beneficial arrangement with her that Jackson was able to acquire the Calcifer at a reduced cost; in exchange for the discount, the crew gives Madame Joy priority and special rates for jobs she needs done.
  • Madame Joy and Mulan have known each other longer than the rest of the crew; their connection has yet to be explored, but it is known that Ein is the only dog Madame Joy allows in her headquarters.

Madame Joy

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